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AppSense is the leading provider of User Virtualization technology to enterprise organisations. User Virtualization is a way of managing user-specific information independent of the desktop, and applying this information into any desktop (local install, virtualized, published, streamed, etc) on-demand.

This separation of the user from the underlying desktop assets and delivery mechanism enables IT to seamlessly adopt new operating systems and desktop and application delivery mechanisms in less time and at lower cost. It also provides the opportunity for IT departments to benefit from standardising the desktop build, automate desktop & application delivery, and automatically configure and personalise the desktop on-demand– all while ensuring the user experience is seamless, personal, predictable and easily manageable across all desktops and devices

This three-layer desktop model (OS, apps, user) is recognised and promoted by leading vendors such as Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and Cisco as the most effective method of managing and delivering IT services. The componentised desktop provides economies of scale, as well as a more flexible, agile desktop estate.

AppSense has been providing user virtualisation solutions and optimising the desktop user experience for over ten years, and based on enterprise customer feedback has developed the technology, experience and operational capacity to offer a solution to what has been to date the most challenging yet important aspect of the desktop to manage – the user.

Managing the user’s environment independently of platform or delivery mechanism provides freedom of choice in the technologies employed to deliver the desktop to the user.

  • Virtualizing the user opens the doors to seamless adoption of new technologies
  • IT can choose the best desktop and delivery option on an individual scenario and case by case basis.
  • New delivery technologies can sit seamlessly side by side existing mechanisms
  • Organizations can utilize existing physical desktop hardware AND move to a component based model;
  • Deliver user personality into different Windows platforms, eliminating the need to ‘migrate’ the user ever again
  • Provide immediate ROI benefits by replacing legacy personalization and policy technologies

AppSense have an unrivalled install base of over 5,000 enterprise customers, with environments supporting in excess of 100,000 users AppSense have millions of end users across the world. 

Our Experience

“Ovum considers that AppSense has developed a solution which enables the end-user organisation to deploy the type of desktop strategy that suits its requirements, rather than deploying a compromised, one-size-fits-all approach.  Many organisations are currently assessing how they manage Windows migration, transferring from Windows XP to Windows 7, or from locally installed applications to virtualised applications such as Microsoft Application Virtualisation (App-V). This is a really hot topic at the moment, and the AppSense approach is a cost-effective and viable option.  AppSense User Virtualisation will span all desktops, not just VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), meaning that the market potential for User Virtualisation covers physical desktops, virtual desktops, and server-hosted shared desktops”

Roy Illsley, Principal Analyst, Ovum

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