Desktop Virtualisation

Desktop Virtualisation centrally hosts and delivers complete, isolated environments that are easily managed, always on and securely accessible from anywhere. Desktop Virtualisation can overcome the traditional Desktop Lifecycle challenges by:

  • Removal of hardware dependency
  • Removal of user dependency
  • User profiles not located on desktop
  • Streaming applications and providing them as a service
  • Flattening desktops and maintaing vanilla build
  • All components held in isolation and therefore easily upgradable
  • Delivering on-demand assembly and delivery

Desktops essentially comprise of three main components or building blocks; desktop operating system, applications and user profile. Utilising technologies, these can be isolated from each other, therefore offering a far more stable and highly cohesive desktop solution. For example; desktop operating systems can easily be patched without affecting the application as the application is independent and streamed into the operating system.

Our Experience

Ultima holds the highest accreditations with the leading Desktop Virtualisation providers. We are one of VMware’s select group of premier partners whilst also currently being one of two providers in the UK marked as a 'Go-to-Market' partner. Ultima also holds a Citrix XenDesktop Elite Certified Partner accreditation.

Coupled with Ultima's Desktop Optimisation Methodology and the leading vendors, Ultima believes we provide the best solution to faciliate your desktop strategy.

  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • Citrix
  • Symantec
  • HP
  • Dell
  • EMC
  • NetApp
  • CheckPoint
  • Veeam
  • NetIQ
  • AppSense
  • Trend
  • VMware
  • HDS
  • Violin Memory
  • Bluecoat
  • F5
  • RSA
  • Websense
  • McAfee
  • Riverbed
  • Juniper
  • Pulsant
  • Iomart
  • Atlantis
  • Browsium
  • Kyocera
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