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F5 helps organisations create an agile IT infrastructure that aligns with their business demands. With F5 solutions in place, businesses gain strategic points of control wherever information is exchanged from client devices and the network to application servers, data storage and everything in between. Join the tens of thousands of F5 customers who are achieving the highest levels of performance, security, and availability while minimising the costs and impacts to their business.

F5 is the global leader in Application Delivery Networking. F5 provides solutions that make applications secure, fast, and available for everyone, helping dramatically improve efficiency and allow organisations to get the most out of their technology investment.  Over 10,000 organisations and service providers worldwide trust F5 to keep their applications running.
Their products work together to solve some of the most critical issues that IT departments face today:

Acceleration - Improve web application speed and replication between data centres
Fast application performance is critical to employee productivity, business operations, and e-commerce revenue. From improving replication between data centres to accelerating web applications for your users and customers, F5 solutions help your network and web applications work faster, use fewer resources, and perform more cost-effectively

Availability - Prevent downtime and increase productivity by keeping your applications consistently available
Your applications need to be consistently accessible in order to prevent costly downtime and lost productivity. F5 technology gives you the power and flexibility to set availability priorities based on requirements such as security, uptime, reliability, and performance.

Security - Protect against the cost and chaos of ever-changing threats
Today 80 percent of IT security spending is aimed at deploying solutions that do not protect against today’s most likely, most damaging, and costliest attacks. It often takes a massive DDoS threat, data theft from spoofing, or other sophisticated attack before an organisation realises it’s only protected from yesterday’s problems. F5 solutions provide the intelligence, flexibility, and scale you need to stay secure in the ever-changing and increasingly chaotic threat landscape. You can identify threats to your applications and your business sooner, neutralise them faster, and scale your IT infrastructure without going broke.

For organisations worldwide, F5 provides unified security that keeps business moving, including:

  • Scalable DDoS protection for the world’s largest e-commerce sites
  • 10x faster performance than many network firewalls
  • Protection for hundreds of thousands of applications
  • Secure communication—from financial transactions to national security
  • Uninterrupted operations during massive, high-profile attacks

Virtualisation: Maximise the benefits of your virtualisation efforts
Virtualisation can be a powerful tool to help you cut costs and improve availability and management efficiency, but its impact on surrounding IT resources can cause unexpected problems. Whether you're just starting a storage or server virtualisation project or you're looking to realise the full benefits of a complete virtual data centre, F5 can help you build a dynamic, virtualisation-ready infrastructure that will help you achieve your current and future business goals.

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