Vendor: Violin Memory

Violin Memory is pioneering a new class of high-performance flash-based memory arrays that are designed to bring storage performance in-line with high-speed applications, servers and networks. Violin’s flash Memory Arrays can scale to hundreds of terabytes and millions of IOPS with low, predictable latency.

Violin 6000 Series flash Memory Arrays are all-silicon shared storage systems built from the ground up to harness the full power of flash memory and deliver industry leading performance and ultra low data access latencies. A single 3 rack unit tall array delivers up to 1 million IOPS and does so with consistent, spike free latencies measured in microseconds, a full order of magnitude lower than legacy Tier 1 storage solutions. This game changing combination of performance and sustained low latency makes the 6000 Series the storage of choice for high IOPS scale out virtual infrastructure configurations, transactional business critical applications with stringent response time service level agreements, and advanced real-time big data analytics environments.

Primary storage at the Speed of Memory

  • 1 million IOPS
  • Latency in microseconds
  • Up to 32 TB of raw capacity
  • All in 3 rack units

All our arrays are:

  • Highly available - 24x7x365 operation
  • Transformational and deterministic performance
  • 100% compatible with existing investments & processes
  • Multitenant/shared
  • We offer both capacity flash and performance flash based arrays to suit a variety of enterprise needs.


Our Experience

Interested in a Free Oracle Performance Analysis?

Using Violin all flash Memory Arrays you could massively improve the performance of your Oracle Database and applications - you could also get much better utilisation from your server infrastructure and Oracle license investment.

Violin will deliver advanced Oracle database performance analysis, free of charge - you simply have to upload your Oracle AWR reports and you will receive a detailed report to help you understand answers to questions like:

  • How hard are my server processors working?
  • How much time is Oracle spending waiting on IO?
  • How is my current storage performing?
  • What potential for improvement is there by optimising my database storage?

Click here to request your Free Oracle Performance Analysis from Violin Memory


  • Microsoft
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  • Citrix
  • Symantec
  • HP
  • Dell
  • EMC
  • NetApp
  • CheckPoint
  • Veeam
  • NetIQ
  • AppSense
  • Trend
  • VMware
  • HDS
  • Violin Memory
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